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Review for Exploited Black Teens

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Rating: 87/100
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Although the word Exploited sounds like theyíre trying to swindle these pretty, young black girls out of money in some sort of political scandal, they actually are trying to swindle pretty black girls out of their clothesÖ the pursuit of pussy; as late president Calvin Cooldige once said ďThe business of America is pussy.Ē

Exploited Black Teensí MO is to show young black women being taken advantage of by white men with video cameras. The usual scene involves a young amateur girl on a bed being questioned and buttered up into eventually taking off her clothes and getting down with the sickness. The girl tends has a sweet, submissive high school personality (or sometimes not so submissive if you catch my drift) which supports the teen theme. First there is an introduction scene where the guy asks the girl the usual sex questions that you would expect in a format like this; i.e. ďfirst time you fucked,Ē ďweirdest place you fucked,Ē ďmost sensitive body part,Ē etc. Often, if the guy is good, after he asks about the body part question and the girl responds with. for example her ass, he will then begin to play with said body part; spanking, squeezing, and what have you. As you can imagine he eventually pops his dick out, she sucks it and the rest goes without saying, nothing ground-breaking here. Theyíre trying to show you as much black-girl-gets-fucked-like-slut scenes as they can. And they do a good job at it, especially since thatís all they do.

Exploited Black Teens is primarily made up of video clips of different girls on different beds getting done by the guys. Occasionally there will be two girls but thatís the end of the variety. The girls are always attractive and have a well maintained nice, shy, and innocent high-school girl personality going on. Some times you get some girls who want cock in them as soon as the tape starts to reel (which is always very nice) but for the most part they tend to be same more of the same. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Exploited Black Teens has a whole lot clips. Theyíre have around 225 hundred girls on archive, and update with a new girl every week, so youíll be hard pressed not find a cutie that will entice you.

Exploited Black Teens lives and dies on the sexual creativity of the girl. You will definitely find a few girls who have something about them that makes it so you just canít keep your eyes off of them, even when their clothes are still on. Thatís how this site pays the bandwith bills; it has the capability to find very sexy and almost mesmerizing girls. Just as often, however, youíll find the plethora of average and mundane random skank that you see all over the interweb. ďOk, we get it sheís sucking his dick, just like the last oneÖsigh.) Just as important though is the man behind the camera. This guy can make or the scene, if heís boring the scene fails, but if heís playful and witty then the scene will go well. One of the biggest problems is long introductions; the fellas have the bad habit of talking too long, which keeps the girl clothed far too long. This is annoying if you actually want to watch the setup. However if you donít care about setup, and I donít blame you, simply scroll down the thumbnails find a pic that shows some hot fucking and have at it. A good example is a girl like Lacey D. The guy keeps her talking for almost five minutes, and though she is very cute, you get tired of waiting for the shirt to be suddently ripped off and the dick to be shoved down her throat. But now once she gets started then you better be ready. Lacey does this thing where she thrusts her entire body into the air with only her shoulders attached to the bed. It makes it look like the guys cock is sucking her off the bed. (itís hot trust me.) She turns into this horny monster completely opposite to the sweetheart you saw earlier; which, naturally, is the whole point of the site. Itís just that too much sweetheart gets old fast if the girl canít carry the scene without her clothes off. Girls like Krystal or the famous Vanessa Blue can hold their scenes very well. You just canít wait for them to take of their clothes, and you want to see every second of it. Youíll be able to find great clips of amazing and exploitable black teens, youíll just have to look for them.

The resolution is solid. The pics are about 360x480 and the clips clip are only slightly smaller at 320x240. The images were clear and consistent. After a while you forget that you arenít watching a DVD on your computer. The files are fairly large, especially the ones from the bonus areas. A short clip might be around 4500KB and a long one could be as much as 30000KB.

The navigation on Exploited Black Teens tends to be hit and miss. The opening page gives you the girl of the week, what next week looks like, a brief pic gallery to get you warmed up and a clip from a related white guys/black girl gangbang. The meat of the site is in the model index which happens to be very large and organized in the order of appearance, so to a newcomerís eye it seems to be organized in no obvious order. You get pictures of and names of the girls and you float through the entire index looking for girls you like. Donít expect any changes in the casting; black girl with big open mouth and a white guy with an eager dick, thatís what you paid for, thatís what you get. The ďwhatís newĒ section is the exact same thing only itís just a list of names and dates so you can go to a specific girl if you know her by name. In all, the navigation doesnít really matter because all youíve really got is clips of girls getting fucked, so you just find a girl that suits you, and enjoy. Some of the bonus links may still be under construction like the message board. The bonuses that do work, however, happen to rock. They have about 10 or more full length DVDís on file. So donít bother to waste your money on the Bad Black Girl series, the best ones are right here. Black on Black, White boy Stomp, and just about any series that includes exposed and Exploited Black Teens. Imagine that. The extra scene on the main page involves a dumb black waitress, whose incompetence leads one of the guys to demand he get his dick sucked for the lousy service. She naturally then gets down on her knees and sucks them all of like a mindless raving slut, proving why she got the job. I donít know her name, but if youíve seen a very dark very hot and absolutely insane, horny slut around the web, then this is probably her. Trust me itís hot. Itís tempting to just watch all the bonus videoís and skip the actual content. Itís worth your thirty bucks. You get a truck load of video clips of sexually starved black girls with as much dick stuffed into them as possible, as well the entire ďEbonyĒ section of your local bookstore.

Hereís a tip, the hottest girls do the hottest clips, simple as that. Itís tough because, all the girls on the site are pretty hot. In about 225 girls Iíd say I found around 35 ugly ones. So youíve got good odds. The intros get old fast, and the guys behind the camera donít vary from the same brands of lame wonder bread. But with the amount of girls who know how work the shaft, well lets just say you could be here for a while, grab a snickers. All that and a bag a pics? Itís a steal for a dollar a day.

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