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Review for Porn Access

Rating: 89/100
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This is a world of instant gratification. We don't have to wait for anything anymore. So why sit around watching endless intros with all the foreplay that your woman could ever want, when you can jump right into the hardcore fucking action and get the job done ASAP? That's right fellas. No more time wasting. This site is a fucking pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – it's a buffet of instant porn. Sometimes it's high quality, sometimes it's not – but it's fast and it's fun. Let's check it out.

Porn Access doesn't feature just one type of porn. It's got all the categories, all the typical ones, from Amateurs to Trannies. Click on whichever category you're in the mood for, and you'll be presented with a long list of sites that feature that type of porn. Find the one that you like, click it, and then click the big blue Play Movie Now button. You'll be instantly transported to the middle of a hot, steamy, sexual, XXX scene. Let's review in case there's a pop quiz tomorrow: Click a category, click a site, click a video, click a button. Four clicks and you're in the thick of it. Now that's what I'm talking about!

This is shotgun style porn at its best. It's true that the quality is not always up to snuff – I mean look at the list of sites, with that much to choose from there's no way to force quality control on it. Some videos are going to be 320 x 240 resolution, pixelated, blurry, bad sound, etc. But some will be 720 x 520 resolution, clear, sharp, excellent audio, etc. It's all entertainment, and it's really fun to flick through all the different ones to find what you want. This is a great site to look at when you get together with your buddies. Instant entertainment.

The site names are really wacky, like Any Hole Will Do, Baby Sitter Suckers, Choco Fun, Made in Africa, and my personal favorite, Cock Chomping Chubsters. You'll get a lot of laughs out of this stuff when you're not too busy jacking off. About half of the videos are in German or French, but that didn't bother me one bit. There's plenty of the obligatory cheesy porno music. Who came up with that to begin with? Why was it ever necessary? This is about the only time I'll let it slide, because it's damn funny and almost appropriate somehow!

Some of the sites will give you a short storyline to set up the movie, but most of them will just throw you right into the action. When there is a short intro, depending on what language it's in, you may not be able to understand it. You'll recognize words like “whore” and “tits” though, that's for sure!

One thing I like is that you can add sites to your favorites, but remember to clear them out first, because the site automatically sticks about fifty “favorite sites” in there, as if they know what you like! Either way there is so much to access here – they definitely picked an appropriate name!

My favorite sections, and the best ones in my opinion, are the lesbian section, the black section, the amateurs, the hardcore section, and the fat chick section. It's really hard to find a good BBW section, but this one definitely gets kudos from me. Nice work.

Navigation is super simple, to the point that you could easily navigate this no matter how drunk or stoned you may be. You will NOT get lost. It's just click, click, click, boom. I definitely recommend that you get together with some of your drinking buddies to check out this website, it is a load of laughs and it'll get you off too. There is just so much porn, thrown at you so much at a time, right in the middle of the most meaty parts of the movies, and it's awesome. It's fun to see what you're going to get, whether it's high quality or low budget. There are definitely some diamonds hidden in the rough, and it's fun trying to excavate them.

At any rate, Porn Access is a totally different website than any other that I have been to. It's more fun, and more random, than any other. You'll have a blast looking at all the material that they have to offer, and since you're not wasting so much time on the setups, you will be able to cram more porn into much less time. That's always a plus.

Try out Porn Access today, for a bite of something new, fresh, and different!



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