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Review for Karups Private Collection

Rating: 87/100
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I just reviewed Karup's Hometown Amateurs, and I was beyond impressed and totally pleased with it. Since Karup's Private Collection is brought to you by the same people, I figured it would have the same quantity and quality. I was wrong. It's not necessarily a bad experience, but it doesn't deliver on its promises of millions of photos, dozens of features and extras, and its “amateur” section doesn't really stand up to amateur standards. Let's check it out anyway.

The good thing about Karup's Private Collection is that it caters to a wide and diverse audience. There are amateurs, models, guy on girl, girl on girl, Asian, anal, and so on. There isn't really any extreme content here, so you don't need to worry about being grossed out or just taking it too damn far. The content is pretty routine, nothing really groundbreaking here, but you will get a large sum of really hot babes, which is never a bad thing.

Taking a look at the amateur section, I noticed that many of the girls were professionally photographed. I'm not saying that an amateur girl can't be photographed by a professional photographer, but it really takes away from the “amateur” element of it. The girls are definitely very hot and they do look like amateurs, so I'll give them that.

The anal section is much too small, and it tends to look like people who are getting paid to have sex, but aren't really interested. It just seems like a lot of bad acting. I'd much rather see videos of people who genuinely enjoy anal sex, than throwing these people who clearly don't enjoy it into the mix just to add an extra category to the site. It's just not necessary.

The exotics category sounded great to me, but when I clicked on it I realized it was just a catch-all for all the black girls and basically any women of color. So they're not exotic at all, just minorities. Of course I love black women, but they simply don't fit in this category. It's a misrepresentation. When I hear exotic, I think Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Hawaiian... not I. B. Bootylicious from down the block. Webmasters take note, you need to do some reorganizing here.

Asians and MILFs get their own categories, which is much appreciated. There are a couple of extra categories like “More Babes” and “More Sex” but there's nothing really special here, and it seemed to me that they just threw anything into those categories that they didn't feel like organizing. I'd love to see the categories truly well organized, because if they were, you would have a very nice website at your fingertips.

The quantity is pretty decent. They promise over a million photographs, and while I'm not sure if they live up to that claim, there are certainly a lot of them to look at! There are tons of different models too, so I don't know how you could possibly not find a girl that you like.

Finally let's get to the videos. They're pretty large and they're also pretty good quality. They're not split up into tons of segments, which I appreciate since I'm on a high speed connection, but dialup users beware. The files range from as small as 4MB to larger than 30MB, and they are available in both Windows Media format and MPEG format, which is a huge plus.

While I didn't find any dead links or navigational problems on the main page, I did run into a problem or two in the actual photo and movie sections. The subsections are barely labeled, so it's hard to get around. The categories are clear enough, such as Anal or Asians, but once you click on one of those, you're transported to a list of galleries. They're not organized at all, nor are they thumbnailed, and there are no descriptions or summaries. You basically have to haphazardly click on random files until you find something that you like. This just doesn't work for me, because I'm picky about my women, and they have to have a certain look or I'm just not interested. The videos section is done in exactly the same way, except they are missing categories too, so finding something you like is completely random. For me this is a major problem, and something that I would not put up with unless it was a free site. I simply wouldn't pay for this kind of disorganized layout. Of course you'll need to use your own judgment here, and if the thrill of surprise sounds good to you (“Ooh I wonder if this video will be a good one...”), then maybe it will work out better for you than it did for me.

Now here comes the saving grace on this website – the model index. You can browse by model, and they do have thumbnails, plus it's searchable by name! This worked really well for me. I'd much rather look at my photos and videos organized by model anyway. Although this works really well, the rest of the site desperately needs to be reworked so that nobody is left fumbling through page after page of random lists of files. There is an amazing number of women here to look at, so I would recommend making the model index your first stop, should you decide to subscribe.

Are you familiar with zipsets? With zipsets you can download the model's entire set of photos in one handy, convenient zip file. Fortunately Karup's Private Collection offers zipsets, so you should definitely take advantage of that when you are downloading photos!

There really aren't any bonuses or extras on this site, as promised. There are links to 22 external video feeds from other websites, but that type of content never excites me and it really wasn't very impressive here. The content varies and there's just no guarantee of what you're going to get. I found nothing “extra” or “bonus” about this site that is worth mentioning, other than that – which again, really wasn't worth mentioning anyway.

The prices are a bit higher than I'd like to see, particularly with the layout leaving so much to be desired. You can get a thirty day membership for $29.95, or a three month membership for $69.95. On a high quality site, these would be very competitive prices. Since you've got to deal with so many drawbacks, I think it's way too highly priced. You can go elsewhere and get easy to access porn for cheaper than this.

The sad thing to me is that Karup's Private Collection actually houses a veritable collection of really high quality porn. It's just masked by a bad layout, bad organization, and a completely random structure. I can't imagine spending hours clicking through pages of links, never knowing what type of photo or video I was going to get. At least in the videos section you know that the content will match up to the category, but in the movies section there are no categories. Can you imagine if you were in the mood to watch some Asian porn, and instead you got Latinas? Or Anal? Or anything else under the sun? It's not cool with me, and I don't think it will be cool with you. There are a lot of better sites that you can spend $30 per month on, and I cannot recommend this one to you with a good conscience. Again, if you like the thrill of surprise, and wondering if a photoset or video is going to be any good without seeing even one thumbnail or even a word of description about it, then maybe this will be exciting for you. Otherwise, steer clear. Karup's Private Collection is destined to stay private until they clean it up a bit for their members.

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